Sunday, May 1, 2011

Working on....

The little mans room.. I've played enough.. time to get down to business.. & plan this thing out.. Colours picked... tick ( I think.. ) Bedlined picked.. tick!, furniture & accessories picked.. Ohhhhhhhhh maybe!.. Ok.. I've decided to go with what I love for now.. & change it to the two other themes I love.. as time progresses.. Coops loves organising, tidying.. So I'm sure he'll be happy to be my helper..

This still to date is my all time fave picture!.. What a room!..

Wish me luck! x

Image : Estate.


  1. Good luck Marns, I can't wait to see what you come up with I am sure it will be gorgeous xx

  2. Aww thanks honey.. I gatherd all today.. and It looks pretty good..( Ithink!) need to get hubby panelling.. & painting.. then I can post some pics! xx I hope it looks as good as I'd imagined. xx
    As long as Coops loves it.. that's all I care about. xx

    Store is amazing at the moment by the way! Go girl! xxx