Saturday, June 25, 2011

To Teepee or not?

Ok.. I must admitt.. I am a big fan of the teepee. Coming from a childcare background I know our precious beings love a hidey hole, cubby.. place where they can own it.

My lovely Mum is making Cooper one for his new big room, and I know he will love it.. He spends a lot of his time hiding & playing under the dining table.. So this will be his own space to play, read.. hide.. well whatever HE likes!.. What do you think?


  1. Hi Marnie
    I love the Tipee concept. I was never clever enough to make a real one so we had a little Ikea tent type of thing. I was in Bed, Bath & Table last weekend and see that they sell Tipees. I'm sure Cooper will love his special place. Jane x

  2. Hi Jane!..

    I'm sure he will too!.. We have the pattern.. Just matching fabric now.. He is a trick at the moment.. so funny.. Hope you have a great weekend,

    Marnie. xxx