Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anzac Day!

Today is Anzac Day.. A day I feel truly blessed to live in such a wonderful country.. and thankful to all who fought for it.

A holiday for most( Not Moi... about to entertain the masses so to speak!.. But I wanted to post first before I head to work.. )

Most of us.. I fact nearly all of us would know someone, directly or indirectly who served for our country.. be it Grandfathers, Fathers..

My Dad served in the Vietnam War.. and is marching today. They recieved such a hard time upon returning home.. none of us knew what it was like.. what they saw.. had to do..lucky we didn't.Today I am glad they get the respect & recognition they deserve..I was trying to find a picture of my Dad.. all those years ago.. But they were saved on my media centre which died recently..!.. So I thought I'd post a picture of him & Coops at his 1st b'day. These are some of my favourites.

So very thankful to all who fought for us.. and who continue to do.. Lest We Forget. x

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter time!..

One of my favourite celebrations!.. Here in Oz we have a 5 day long weekend.. Fantastic!!( me only 3 days.. work calls!)

We are cleaning up a little...making Cooper's very first Easter nest! ( Mummy is super excited!) & Looking forward to spending it with close friends & little man is sick so I hope he perks up in time for the bunny!

Here are some of my favourite rabbit room features. I love them all year round!

Have a wonderful & safe Easter with your loved ones! xx

Images : Flickr

Land of Nod


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok.. my world is now full of 'guys'.. lads!.. all things boys!..For the first time in my life, & I love it. Although while I was out with the "Lads" today I came across the softest, most luxurious pale pink bath towel.. and I melted..

I hadn't realised how much I missed my girlie stuff!!!.. Oh man.. I do... So much.. So here is a post to all things girly.. all things I love.

And PS.. I am going back to get that towel set.. and making my ensuite my girlie domain.. for now.. x


My Deco

My First Room

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Boys Room Inspiration....

Ok I have planning for months to move my little man into the back bedroom and set it up properly as a big boys room. Mainly because it's bigger & I can combine his play space in there as well..

Usually I am fixed on exactly wjat I want.. But I think I've been looking for way to long.. and have fallen in love with too many styles! clours.. wallpaper!.. bedlinen!.. I get so carried away!

When I finally decide I will post pics of what we finally go with! xx

Images :

Monday, April 11, 2011

A slight Chill in the air in Vegas!

Ahh yes.. Just few days ago.. you could feel the change in the weather.. that bite of summer has gone.. shorter days, and even a slight chill in that Queensland breeze... Yes Winter is on it's way.. well what we call Winter here in QLD..

Alot of Queensland houses have timber floors( mine included) & in Winter they are cold!.. My little fellow has grown so much since last Winter ( he was a wee baby! ) so new slippers were needed.. I have just ordered these.!

I love Cath.. have done for years. So great to see her brand going from strength to strength.

Slippers from

Boy Things!

I don't know about you... But if you have boys.. you'll know how hard it is to find things.. differnt things... things you love for their rooms!.. I can always find more than enough when It's a little girl I'm looking for... But just that bit harder for the boys.. Here I will share with you all the boy stuff I find on my quest, for me, for you.. & friends! to put togther lovely boys rooms ( as well as a stack of gorgeous girl stuff to!.. I can't help myself! )

All of these decals can be purchased here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend lovelies!

The weekend is here!.. Hooray!.. I wish that ment rest!..

But alas.. there is no rest for a full time working Mum.. with hubby working Sat!.. Thank goodness for groceries online!..

Being a Mum of a boy.. I constantly see images to drool over for girls.. So many gorgeous things ...I love looking.. & thinking.. Hmmm if my next is a girl.. Oh well at least I have a full file!...These are some of my faves..

Have a perfect weekend with your precious beings.. Coops & I are off to purchase him some winter gear.. & new slippers!

M. xx

Images : Pidgeon & Pudding & Pottery Barn.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All things UK!

One of my favourite places in the world is the UK!.. OMG.. I love it.. a perfect lil cottage in the English country side is something I have always dreamed of.. & a terrace right in the heart of London.. near all of my favourite shops, cafes etc!..

Anyway.. The closest I have gotten is through I love this lady and have followed her & her gorgeous work for quite some time..

I love these images.. In the UK it's wedding fever as you could imagine with the pending nuptials of Wills & Kate!.. How lovely though to do a UK inspired tea party for your little princess.. followed by some dress ups!.. Divine!

Images : Selina Lake.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Messages to Live by........

I love these prints by Anrol Designs ...

I have been waiting for the perfect one for my little man's room and one for the family room.. Great if your wanting a little refresher on a budget!.. from

When I came across these I sighed... Yes this is just what I want him to carry with him through life, and wouldn't it be nice if everyone in our world lived by these too!.. Oh.. what a wonderful place the world would be!...

M.. xxxx

Friday, April 1, 2011

Adore.. there's so much to.. Adore...!

Adore Is one of my favourite online magazines.. and in this edition so many of my fave blogs have been mentioned.. One of them is by my friend Judy at Verandah House.. Make sure you check it out.. & Judy's bog too!

Have a wonderful weekend.. It's my B'day.. So I'm going to find something lovely for me to do.. Not sure what.. But I'm sure I'll figure it out!.. Have a great weekend!