Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Inspiration! x

Ok the weekend is here again!.. What a week. Our little man has been sick.. spent some time in hospital, had his first dose of steriods, and is now hopefully on the mend.. Oh I hope so!..
In the meantime we forge on with our office reno and the planning of Cooper's new room( well I'm planned.. just need a fire cracker under hubby!)

Here are some gorgeous rooms to inspire you this weekend if you too have a new room to plan/makeover.. or just drool over.

A Beautiful Space.

Deco My Place

Have a perfect weekend with your precious beings. x


  1. oh dear little Cooper. Love the pink inspiration Marnie. A nice weekend happening over here. going to try the Eagle Farm Markets tomorrow, weather permitting. Get well hugs being sent to your house. Jane x

  2. Hi Jane!

    Thanks so much for yr well wishes!.. x

    The markets sound great!.. If you go let me know what you think.. I may venture over!

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

    M. x

  3. Hi Marnie
    I think it will be too rainy today to go to the markets. I'll cross my fingers for a little ray of sunshine. might also be a bit soggy for the picnic which was to follow the market adventure. happy wishes, Jane x