Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anzac Day!

Today is Anzac Day.. A day I feel truly blessed to live in such a wonderful country.. and thankful to all who fought for it.

A holiday for most( Not Moi... about to entertain the masses so to speak!.. But I wanted to post first before I head to work.. )

Most of us.. I fact nearly all of us would know someone, directly or indirectly who served for our country.. be it Grandfathers, Fathers..

My Dad served in the Vietnam War.. and is marching today. They recieved such a hard time upon returning home.. none of us knew what it was like.. what they saw.. had to do..lucky we didn't.Today I am glad they get the respect & recognition they deserve..I was trying to find a picture of my Dad.. all those years ago.. But they were saved on my media centre which died recently..!.. So I thought I'd post a picture of him & Coops at his 1st b'day. These are some of my favourites.

So very thankful to all who fought for us.. and who continue to do.. Lest We Forget. x

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  1. Nicely said Marnie. You must be so proud of your Dad. I have promised my family that we will attend the Dawn service at Currumbin next year. Have a little overnight at the coast, and reserve a table for breakkie at the surf club afterwards. Glad you liked my heart chippie. what a find! and yes, Peter Walsh is fab, he has perfected his craft. I also love Colin Cowie, extravaganza guru for weddings and everyday living. Jane x