Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am a big fan of the playroom! I'm laughing as I'm blogging because BC ( Before Coops!).. my friends would all say how important a playroom is.. etc etc on the wish list in their next house .. me with no kids.. didn't get it.. after all isn't that what your bedroom was for?.. housing toys & playing in???Well it was when I was growing up!.. Anyway.. along came my Coop's.. Who like his things everywhere!.. and the lightbulb went on!.. Playrooms.. yes they are a designer's saviour in a family house!


House & Garden

Ohdee doh

I love the use of built in storage. This is my biggest love, in fact anywhere in a house.. wall untis, built in seats and little nooks.. Love it all. Here are some images to inspire.. or if your like me.. drool over and think..Hmm next house! x


  1. Love these images. I especially love the light fixture in the last. I need good fixture inspiration for nurseries; so hard. BTW, thanks for the nice comments on my Windsor post. I thought (regretfully) that that dress didn't photograph well at all--but who knew I'd have such a photo op!!

  2. Love a great playroom, and storage is essential. Hoping to have mine finished in the next few weeks with some photo reveals!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  3. Fantastic!.. I look forward to seeing the pic's!.. have a great weekend!

  4. I found as a kid that my mom would leave the toys around the house because it allowed me to play with them.