Friday, October 21, 2011

Stopping in for the weekend..

Oh my goodness.. my track record here has been not so flash!.. Apologies.. been a full on time at home with Hubby starting a new business, renovations & my little fella still not great. But all is coming together.. Phew..Just before Mumma looses her mind!

This weekend there is no theme.. Just some images that make me smile evey time I look at them.. ( Hubby says.. that cost me! eveytimewe look at them!)

Nod Girl

Pottery Barn

Have a wonderful weekend with family & friends..We are taking Cooper to see Koalas for his 2nd B'day! Sun is shining here in Oz.. gorgeous spring weekend!.. xxx


  1. HiMarnie, great to hear from you. You find the best pics. Love the pottery barn one with the beds on the verandah, a little bit unreal, but still looks fab. What a fun sleepover that would be, tell the kids it's time for bed and send them outside!!! I hope I get to see Coops with a Koala. happy days to you all. Jane xx

  2. Ha.. I will see what Ican do.. thank goodness for Mum.. she takes all the pics!.. Hope yr well Jane. xxx

  3. Wonderful! Those bunk beds are just adorable! Have a fabulous start of the week, Kellie xx

  4. I love the blue color of the wall with the small amount of clouds.