Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter time!..

One of my favourite celebrations!.. Here in Oz we have a 5 day long weekend.. Fantastic!!( me only 3 days.. work calls!)

We are cleaning up a little...making Cooper's very first Easter nest! ( Mummy is super excited!) & Looking forward to spending it with close friends & little man is sick so I hope he perks up in time for the bunny!

Here are some of my favourite rabbit room features. I love them all year round!

Have a wonderful & safe Easter with your loved ones! xx

Images : Flickr

Land of Nod



  1. Hi Marnie
    Oh, I thought my easter rabbit was cute. I want one of each of those rabbits. where did you find them? I hope little Coops peps up. the site of a chocolate bunny might help! Happy Easter to you all, Jane x

  2. Hi Jane.. from the images above.. Cute hey!.. Poor Coops has had a terrible flu with bad chest & ears.. he is a little brighter today.. a Doctor visit.. and antibiotics now.. So hopefully he will b brighter tomorrow. Have a wonderful Easter! xx

  3. Hope you had a gorgeous Easter Marns and hope little Cooper is feeling better, I'm sure the chocolate made it all better ;-) xx