Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Inspiration!

Here we are again.. the weekend..

Sorry for my lack of posts this weeks.. we have had a very sick household.. me included.. down with Bronchitits.. so hopefully some rest will be in store .... somewhere.. x I think we need a weekend getaway very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tia Zolden

Some of my favourites rooms here.. I have had these images for years.. & still love them. x


  1. Hi Marnie, sorry to hear you've all been sick. sending get well wishes to you. It does sound like you need a weekend getaway. We had one last weekend, two nights at the Goldie, saw whales, walked the long peaceful beach, special family time. Can't beat it. Jx

  2. Sorry to hear about the family getting Bronchitits.