Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A pop of colour!

As I battle whatever it is that has a hold on me at the moment..??? I can't help but think "just hang in there Spring is almost here"!.. and thank goodness for that.. A very sick Winter for our household.. looking forward to warmer weather & better health!

I needed cheering up.. nothing better than a splash of colour to do so.. x

Also wanted to share a picture of "Ruby Red Shoes".. My very talented friend Kate Knapp at http://www.twigseeds.com/ is an artist/ illustrator and has created her own character's.. stories & of course  gorgeous illustrations to accompany them too! She has books & greeting cards..  Ruby & Saffy are my favourites.. This is gorgeous Ruby!

Ruby Red Shoes : image Twigseeds.

Pip Home

Saffy.. One of Kates Illustrations.. Cooper has this for his room.

Have a great rest of the week.

Marnie. xxx


  1. Love love love those cups & saucers, do you sell them? Rudy Red Shoes just might be on the Christmas list for a niece - Sarah

  2. hope you feel better soon Marns xx

  3. Me too Judy!... thank you..

    Sarah I can get them.. x Let me know if your interested. xx I'll be in touch too re the rugs! xx

  4. Gorgeous colors! Those plates look fabulous! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx