Monday, June 27, 2011

Twigg Inspiration!

                                                                Design Sponge
                                                                   Marie Claire
                                                                 Mrs-Hardy blog

I love finding unique ways to decorate all rooms.. including kids rooms. When your just starting out let's face it.. there is so much expense!.. If it's a nursery, then it's cots, change tables etc.. and for bigger kids beds &matressess.. then all the linen... So it's nice to find lovely ideas... that don't cost the earth!

I love the Twig.. for hanging, mobiles.. and here as the anchor for this gorgeous bed canopy. They look great and they are free!.. Yay!.. So you can spend more on that cot, amoire or gorgeous bedside.. Perfect!



  1. Hi Marnie
    we have collected sticks (i mean twigs!) and used fishing line to make seashell mobiles from our vast collection of shells. Jx

  2. Hi Marnie,
    I have used twisted willow vertically, but never on horizontally. Those pictures are a great inspiration- thanks! Emma. P.S. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Emma!

    Thanks for stopping by! you too have a great weekend!