Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nursery love

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My girlfriend is expecting her second bundle later this year! So it's all about Nurseries at the moment. Such an exciting time planning the room for a new addition to your family.. I just loved planning Cooper's Room.. which led to this blog.. and hope to do it again! Above are some gorgeous rooms that I had as my favourites..... Love them all.. Still!

And this was Cooper's Room.. x


He is in a big boy bed now!.. about to upgrade his room too.. Can't wait to show you stage 2!.

Cold & rainy here.. Not great for getting renovations done!.. Maybe DVD's & Nachos!..

Have a great weekend.  M. x


  1. Wish I had 100 more hours in the week to read all the amazing new blogs I find. I'm determined to find a few for yours! I'll be following. Thanks for the inspiration (I'm doing quite a few nurseries these days). xo Alexandra

  2. Hi Alexandra!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!.. I just found yr gorgeous blog too!.. yay!.. It looks amazing.. I'm in love with geometric fabrc at the moment.. all colours!.. Looking forward to seeing what your working on!

    M. x

  3. What beautiful nurseries. I have always felt a bit like I have deprived my children of a proper nursery. When we had our first child the money was scarce and then for the next 5 children we were in rental accommodation so painting etc was never an option. Plus, the baby was always moved straight in with a bigger child! The joys of being part of a big family....
    Clare x

  4. Hi Clare!.. Thank you so much for stopping by.. I have followed your blog for a long time.. So thrilled to see you here.. you made my day!

    Have a great weekend.

    Marnie. x