Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teenage Rooms..

I was recently asked for some help with teenage rooms girls in particular.. They can be hard to decorate as not much caters for our teenagers.. it's either Nurseries/ Kids rooms.. then us grown ups!  ..One thing I do know.. is that teenagers certainly know what they like.. & don't like..& they'll tell you.. which for me.. I think it's great.. always good to know where you stand.

Here were some of the images I presented as inspiation.. and I'm pleased to say Miss D!.. loved it.. 

Hope your having a great week.

Marns. x


  1. Oh lovely. One thing with teens, they don't seem to want to be defined/ stuck with one colour or theme. I have survived 4 tweens so far without any wanting to put up posters (yay) & they know what they want, that's true. I love changing my children's bedrooms around as they grow, they're into my style thank goodness, with a bit of whimsy. My high schooler said she liked her first teddy on the shelf as it reminded her of her childhood, yes, a mere blink of an eye ago, i mean, she's still in her childhood!! Love Posie

  2. Hi Posie!

    ohhh yr daughters comment just made my day gorgeous!.. Well you certainly know what I'm talking about with teenagers!!.. Thanks for you lovely comments. xx


  3. Oooh, how lovely! That dresser is to die for! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx